() Randon notes, actions, etc.

Hello everyone! Welcom to the Callie's Mind Deli. Don't mind the two men over there: I don't think they've ever left. They do talk to Callie very often though, sometimes in Japenese, but mainly in Habashiba, which is Callie's native language. And no, they're not drunk, (well, I don't think they are) but they always argue like that. That's why Callie's so confused.

...Have I met this person?

For all of three seconds.

There is also a little area where Callie's mind chases squirells. (Don't ask.) Callie has recently started reading Inu-yasha (because of me) and is now referring to the author and herself as the 'dynamic duo'.

.....Have I met this person?

I have a question for you.


Do you know how to read? Look at the last time you asked.


Well, Callie's mind is a place of great mystery. On your way out, say bye to the two in the corner. It might bring them back to earth.

... When did I meet this person?

When you met Jordy. Now Shut UP.


My favritest quote in the whole world iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis(imagine how cool this would be in one of those awesome announcer voices but anyway to get back to the topic at hand) "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsiepop? The world may never know." and yes SaPaigeI do have anA in English so there.

(What's sad is that how it was really typed. I just copied and pasted it.)


(Kellie, what are you doing?)

(I've decided that I'm going to come in every chapter now!)


I'm older than my teeth the same age as my toungue amd smarter than my brain and that made no sense to you because I'm a genius and noone understands me yet so there.

Do you want a Meat Lovers?- (Jordy) I'm a vegitarian. - Ok. Chicken fingers please!