You abide in me
Within my heart
I am forever sheltered
In your arms

Your love enfolds me
Like the wings of a dove
And your faith surrounds me
Like a blanket of snow in winter

Daily I praise
Your holy name
For daily you reside
Within my very soul

I can face each and every day
With a smile upon my face
Knowing that beside me you walk
Each and every hour of the day

I know that I am not alone
Your loving friendship
Guides me along
Life's long and winding road.

The way may be long and hard
But you are there
And I am not afraid
For you are ready to aid me should I fall.

If I should pitch my foot
On some lonely rock on life's path
I know that I your hands of love
Will pick me up again.

Like a father and his child
You will cleanse the wound
And dust me off
Ready to walk beside you again.

Your divine presence
Gives me courage in the darkness
I know that while I walk life's rocky route
If I walk with you I am safe.

You are like a lighthouse
There to shine the way
You watch over my life
Daily walking with me.