Piece Of Mind

Am I causing you pain?
Do my words hurt?
Am I sabotaging this relationship?
Consumed with these worries and doubts.
With this pain that's tearing me apart.
These doubts which are breaking my heart.
It's making me fall apart.
I'm sorry but this is how I feel.
Everything is just so wrong.
Why have I felt like this for so long?
Please clarify for me.
Why do I feel like I want to die?
God my heart is breaking, as I cry.
God I'm so sick of this lie.
Why must I be the one to blame?
Do I sabotage this relationship?
Do I say things which I know will hurt?
Why do you make me hurt?
Why does this increase the shame?
God I feel so bad for causing this pain.
When will I gain, the faith and, release the shame?
My life is not great and I want to relive the hate.
I want to bask in this pain.
Never to come through and gain,
The piece of mind, you want me to find.

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