Winter's bone hath come to town

Run about or be run down

Winter's bone stays hidden well

But no one lives to say or tell

And thus Winter's bone shall leave

Leaving nothing but a town in two parts cleaved.

Winter's bone hath come to church

Run in terror as it lurks

Winter's bone loves secrets told

Watch, as ours are tasted cold

Winter knows now all of us

But its actions stay still unjust.

Winter's bone hath come to work

Driven by a nasty torque

Winter's bone is white and dead

Comes to fill us all with dread

And as such we know we fear it well

We're racing for beyond the veil.

Winter's bone hath come to life

Wanted for the cause of strife

Winter's bone doesn't live for much

Only to give away its freezing touch

Innocent until proven wrong

We knew we weren't really to blame,

All along.