:: Who she Is ::

The blood drips from her finger tips

and nothing but curse words escape

from her lips, who is she? her skin

so pale and white as snow, do you

know her? or who she has taken to

be? all knowing all powerfull is what

you would think she would be.

She sits in the corner of the world

wrapped up in a consistancy of lies

and 'o how she hurts her mind has

been broken from the lies.She lives

in her own broken glass bottle that

floats in the ocean and shes the

feather that floats in the breeze.

Happyness seems to be lost in her

eyes, it seems so tucked away and

forgotten with time. She looks like

the rain when it pours down in the

lightning and thunder. I want to take

her pain away and take her tainted

soul and whisk her away make her

smile bandage her scars and make

her see. Show her that shes not

alone and not forgotten, Let her

taste the depth of love.

Does anyone see how beautifull

she is? does anyone see how lovely

her smile is? does anyone stop each

day and lose theire breath at the sight

of her?

Does she know how lovely I think she is?

When she walks by with tears in eyes does

she see me cry too? Does she know

I know the curves of her face as I know

my own?

I want to be the one she holds in her arms

the one to take away her pain and make

her for one moment just smile. I want her

to tell me to stay and lay in bed with her

and talk for awhile, drink coffee and talk

about Shakespeare and Poe, show her

a love that she has never known before

She doesnt see how special she is

how she makes me weak in the knees

shes the one I want to hold and dance

with in the rain and the one I want to

trace over and over again. Such a piece

of art she is to me and I want her to

smile and light up my world again your

the one who has my heart forever my

fallen angel , my butterfly