Disaster is A'Baking

I lazed upon the La-Z-Boy

One boring winter night

My mom and dad (and siblings too)

Were gone and out of sight

So now it was just me alone

Rotting out my brains

Finally, I thought out loud:

This is too mundane!

I went into the kitchen

And decided to bake a cake

I didn't know how hard it was

(Or how long that it would take)

I must have made a record

For the biggest mess created

Dough was clinging to the walls

The "cake" look emaciated

Chocolate frosting everywhere

Spilled sugar on the floor

A rubber ball rolled in the mess

And now was clinging to the door

My family was due home

In fifteen minutes at the most

And some unknown, sticky residue

Was hardening like toast

I was good (but not that good)

At cleaning up and all

If mom came in and saw this mess

She'd explode to Taj Mahal

In one last desperate, lame attempt

I dragged in the garden hose

The water went off with a POW!

But no improvement really showed

The slamming of the front door

Made my heart skip twenty beats

I listened closely and heard

The shuffling of all their feet

When mom walked in the kitchen

She screamed a shriek for all to hear

It took three hours to clean it up

And I can't cook for a year.