My life, before, was no painting.
It was ugly, marred, scratched and torn;
Hurt, betrayed, and destroyed by the sin I lived in.

But then I met You, also scarred, hurt and betrayed.
You had experienced what I had, and more.
Yet, somehow, Your pain and scars only made you more beautiful.

Then You touched my life, gently,
And Your touch made me whole again…
My wounds had disappeared, my heart was whole once more.

Then You helped me understand
The secret to your beauty. It was forgiveness.
Kind, understanding forgiveness, and unconditional love.

My life is not perfect, it is still scarred,
As a remembrance of how my life used to be. But now…
Now there is love in it, Your love and Your forgiveness.

Slowly I am learning to trust again, and
Although the memory of my pain is still present,
The pain itself is gone, erased by You.

You and Your forgiveness.