Choking on a shower of rose petals
Drowning in a river of tears
Eyes forced wide open
Submersed in realized fears

Breath held in disbelief

Shaking with seizures of dread
Wishing it was all a dream
Each heartbeat one step closer
Lost inside, wanting only to scream

A moment seeming somehow sacred
Culmination of things unseen
Thunderheads in the distance rumble
Despair held back only by a thin screen

Fabric stretched too far
The thread of life is worn too thin
Unseen hands hold it taught
Waiting for the end to begin

A trembling whisper of the heart, "Don't go"

Behind the window panes of the soul
Contained within soft, deep brown eyes
The candle's flame softly grows dim
It flickers and gently dies
And the wind whispers softly
In our hearts all creation seems to cry

Black ravens wings litter ground unseen
Human eyes clouded by a fixed reality
A cloaked figure stands silently
Skeletal hands lift up a weightless form
Cradling the essence gently it glides
Reaching its dark steed it mounts and rides
In place of footsteps it leaves crystalline tears
And when left upon our souls these will last years

Lost within the pain of ending
Loss replacing thought of mending

Tears never will be enough
They have lost their power
Inexpressible sadness
Inside this crystal shower
Ethereal beauty lost within this kind of madness

And as we weep tears that cannot speak of our sorrow
As we mourn another lost tomorrow
As we tremble with the pain of a veil torn
As the burden seems too much to be bourn

Somewhere perfect deep brown eyes open
Pure white wings unfold, reaching towards the Sun
In another place, joy is resurrected