Well, I am pretty sure that this is one of the best poems I ever wrote. I spent about a week on it, getting the rythm to -near- perfection, and I'm still not postive about the last two lines.

Anywho, 'tis a poem about... some sort of supernatural creature. He guards the forest... Must draw him. But for now, let your own imagination run wild. XD

Silent claws will touch the sand,

Gentle paws will take your hand…

Look into his shining eyes,

Do not fall for his disguise…

You look around; it's all the same,

He walks onward, calls your name,

Through the trees that slowly sway,

Leading you so far away…

You look back, and on he walks,

Minutes pass, and then he talks;

Telling you to not regret,

Telling you to leave, forget,

What he whispered in your ear,

What you hide beneath your fear…

But since this day, you've changed inside,

And you will never need to hide

Your restless dreams and pointless deed,

They're gone forever; you are freed.