I sat down on a rock. Lost as usual. It's cold around here and there are few fishes. Scared away, I thought.

I looked around, it's deep but not hugely. I looked around, splashes can be heard in the distance. I swam away, there was probably nothing there, but the life of a mermaid is rare and delicate.

I'm Alishia, I'm about 14 years old. But mermaid's don't count ages. Yes, I'm a mermaid. Though just ignore the stories about us, we don't even swim together, we are very shy and quiet. We are lone creatures, the stars are our friends. It's not like in the stupid human stories, where we live in stupid castle with a king and princesses, and it is made out of the hair of humans, and sing beautiully and lure sailors to their deaths and comb our hair and pamper ourselves all the time. We aren't vain at all, just very shy actually.

I don't know that I'm pretty. But I am sure that my personality is good. I have very long dark purple hair that is almost black. and my eyes are even darker purple. My skin is very pale and my ears are like that of a faerie. My eyes are like that of a deer, cute and large. My tail is long, twice the size of the legs of a human and is also purple, and my fins are lilac. Life gets boring under the sea, so I make things. I have made myself a long pearl necklace and wound beautiful seaweed into my hair.

I popped my head out of the water. I was near a beach, swarming with humans. I could feel the rope near me, this meant I was far away and the humans couldn't go past. I was safe. I sighed and watched them.

I swam to the rocks near the cliffs to see them. I sat myself behind one, so I could just peer over it. It was so warm and lovely, I like to breath the air in deeply. But nothing can beat the ocean pounding against your face and over your gills.

The humans are so lucky. They get to lounge around all day, feasting and walking around clumbsily. That smell, In would kill to have their food,the food of the sea is not that great. I detest killing and eating fish, so I eat seaweed and flowers. Sweet, but not brilliant.

They look quite strange to me, they only have 3 colours for their hair and walk on sticks. No scales of fins at all. They lie on coloured material letting the sun bake them. I envy them so much. Kind of lazy though.

My eye caught a girl near my age. Though she was tall, her features told me. She sat down on her material slumply.

"When are my friends coming?" she said, almost in whisper. She looked angry, which spoilt her face. She was quite pretty though, she had this short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I would have killed for hair like that, my hair is very long and gets in my way often, but there is nothing in the ocean that would cut my thick hair. Her eyes sparkled like the stars.

"Hi," she said, turning to some people. She stood up, she hugged one that was a boy. She was so lucky to have friends, mermaid's are to shy to speak to others and there are not a huge number of us.

She stepped into the sea. She stepped back at the coldness of it, but stepped back in. She took the people with her and they swam around.

The water was crowded with people, it was strange, usually at the sight of a boat, I swim right to the bottom of the sea and stay there for hours. But being amongst these humans was nice, I felt normal. Yet not safe, if anyone of these spotted me and caught me the whole mermaid race would be unravelled.

It got boring after a while. I checked the sun, it was at it's highest. It would burn my skin, and hurt it so I went under. The water was saltier than usual, but after all my life of swimming through lakes, down waterfalls and getting stuck stupidly in streams, my body smells of nothing but pure water.

I looked around, making sure my exit would be safe. But something caught my eye, something hard to spot. I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't looking in that direction.

I swam to it, I felt the water sway around it and then I knew it. A jellyfish. Why was one of these caught around here. It was really big though, the top of it was about the same size as a cushion and the tentacles were extremly long.

I watch as it was swept nearer to the humans. I knew that it would be really painful if someone got stung. But I knew I would be seen if I followed. I could only watched.

Then I saw them, the tanned legs flayling around, unknowing that they would be hurt. I had nothing to do. I looked around, forgetting I shouldn't be seen and dived forward, barely missing the jellyfish.

"Oh my god what is that!" she shouted, as her legs were pushed away. I had to push her and she was pushed under. I grabbed her and brought her up.
"God! What did you do that for!" she cried, as she saw me popping my head out of the water. I kept it there and trying my hardest to hide my tail.
"I'm sorry," I said, quietly. I was really embarressed. I was speaking to a human!
"Oh it's okay," she said, quite flustered and brushing water from her hair. There was a silence, I felt the jellyfishes head stroke past me, I took it softly and picked it from the water.
"I saved you from this," I said again and showed her the jellyfish.
"Thanks!" she said and smiled, "Wanna hang out. My friends'll like you."
"I'm sorry. But I can't," I told her.
"Why not?"
"I can't tell you."
"Come on. I'll never tell. I don't ever tell. Come on," she laughed.
"Okay then."