Clattering down, white horse's stampeding over head. When the fall, they should hurt but make a gentle touch. Water fulls up my body, down into my lungs and eyes. But instead of feeling pain I'm happy. I should have stayed there, for always.

I shook my head, making my vision blur. The pain subsides and I look down, there's no denying it, something is happening. And before I can gasp any longer, my fins have returned. I shriek loudly, my hands shake as I hold them to my face, tears well up in my eyes but refuse to pour down my cheeks. My clothes have ripped and lay in rags on the floor but I don't care; I just gaze at my tail. It feels like an old memory replaying over and over again. The floor boards upstairs creak and make me jump.
"Alishia?" Steve asks, knocking on the door. I scramble for the sheets, but the won't cover me for long. Quickly, I pushed a chair up to the door.
"Alishia!" he shouted. He rattled the door handle frantically, "Have you collapsed again! Alishia, answer me!

I looked around, the patio door was left open slightly as it was hot the day before. Biting my lip I slip off the couch. It hurted but I crawled to the door, I only needed to push it slightly for it to swing open, the steps are smooth and warm so I can fall down quickly. Steve must have heard the door.
"LET ME IN!" He shouted, I heard everyone clatter down the stairs, banging hard on the door. It's easy to crawl over the cool grass and onto the beach. People are out walking their pets and putting their towels down, but I'm only a small shadow. The sand is strange in the morning, it's like powder but is wet. But before I can think anymore I dip into the water, pushing myself in deep.

Pure bliss, the ice cold, salty see running against my gills and waves crashed over me. My tail feels crocked and stiff so I swing it about and swim to make it feel better. Under water looks so beautiful, the sand with it's buttery colour and the different colours reflecting off the animals. I slipped my eyes out of the water barely to look on the beach, Darla is looking from the gate. I can see a small smug look on her face, but it doesn't surprise me.

My hands were still shaking, I realised that it had all happened in less than a few minutes. I dived under the water as more people arrived at the beach. I slowly glided to my favourite under water spot, about 100 metres away. I sat on the rock, gripping the sides to stop me floating up. I looked down at myself, I was still small and my tail still glistened but inside I felt different; like I was a human all of my life. The grey t shirt, belonging to Billy was still on me. I took it off, to stop it weighing me down, but I wrapped it around my arm. Being in the water was boring so I swam to the shore and hid behind the rocks. I fiddled with my necklace to stop my hands from going numb.

Why had this happened. Well, it could have given me some warning of what was going to happen. I pouted, I was enjoying myself so much as well. I clutched my necklace again. Maybe, I could turn myself back for a while and then return back to the sea for the night. I closed my eyes and concentrated.
"Please, turn me into a human for a little while," I asked. I waited for the surge of energy coming over me and legs forming. The necklace started to glow but then faded.
"Why can't you do anything right!" I shouted at it, I put it back on, making my face sullen.
I was so angry. I punched the water hard, it slapped back when I hit it. I groaned and I felt the tears well up in my eyes. No, what was the point in crying. It wasn't going to change anything. I looked up, everyone was at the beach. Many little kids were swimming in and out of the waves like mer people, if they had tails they would be able to act like mermaids any day. Suddenly, my mind sparked, I bit my lip in delight. I smirked and slipped under the water and swam far out. Giggling lightly, the same sentence ran through my mind over and over. Nothing else was on my mind:

If I couldn't be a human, who said humans couldn't be mermaids?

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