"As the Story Draws to a Close"

Watch all the colors fade out as I slowly rot away...
My dying creativity is swirling down the drain.
But do you think I can end it if I can't write a note?
I know you could die a disgrace, but I sure hope I don't.

I have my anger and my evil intentions.
I have a disease, but it's not an infection.
Sometimes I spend hours sewing pieces together...
My stitches are messy, but I almost feel better.

There are just nights like these when I sit in the dark,
And this time I can't face it, so please don't you start...
No, you promised me, always, you'll never relent,
And I can't ignore you since you live in my head.

Tonight this ugly smirk can't keep me company.
You may like the dark too, but you sure aren't lonely.
I've had horrible thoughts that I'm sure you would claim to,
But it has greater value to her who tells the truth.

Shall I let them defeat me as they always could?
Why should I even exist if I do no good?
For now I'll just smile in my villainy,
And wait for the torment to put me to sleep.