I'm hidden from view.
So no one can see.
The person who I claim,
Not to be, that's me.

I'm selfish and cruel.
I don't give a shit.
The people I hurt.
It makes me fucking sick.

A person who is hurt.
And scarred beyond belief.
All these little faults.
Oh yeah that's me.

I can't trust, as its bad.
Because trust is always broken.
That makes me sad.
As I cry those hidden tears.

For no one else to see.
That's what I do.
I hide form view.
For no one to notice or care.

I'm that little girl.
That's seen too much.
Those innocent eyes.
All they do is cry.

Heavens tears run down the window pain.
As my sinful tears run down my cheeks.
Innocent as the day they fell.
Oh how evil, I should be in hell.

World slowly falls apart.
Why can I not show my heart?
How it beats painfully so.
I just wish this dread would go.

I show you me, but,
Only to a certain degree.
Afraid of what you'll see,
Then leave me in grief.

You say you can help.
But I don't know…
The thing is it's hard to show.
Someone yourself with no regret.

I try hard really I do.
But I just can't.
Bring myself to show you.
This person I hate.

We talk about everything.
But still I hide behind.
Those little innocent eyes.
As blue as the heavens sky.

Why, why, why?
Can't I let you see?
This person who's hidden.
This person is me.

I'm so bloody scared.
Because I had let you see.
The one person I hate
And that person is me.

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