It's snowing big fat white chunks, and no, they're not Rachael's dandruff. But unfortunately, the snow will NOT stick because it rained earlier and...yeah.

The snow reminds me of how much younger than everyone I really am. Being young sucks. You have to deal with everyone rubbing it in your face when they can watch PG-13, when they get their permits, when they can take driver's ed, when they can drive, when they can watch R movies, when they get a middle name, when they're an adult, when they can drink, when they start babysitting...the list is infinite. It sucks.

I was born August 28, 1990. I'll tell you that for a FACT. I've always been the youngest person in my grade, since the cutoff is October 21st or something. However, I'd be the oldest in my grade if I was a grade behind. It just seems like nobody was born in August, September, or October.

I'll tell you--when all my friends were 13, and could legally watch PG-13 movies, I was still 12, and wished I could. A NEW EXPERIENCE! YESSS! But they took me to PG-13 movies, anyways, and while nobody ever "carded" me, I had no student ID, plus I looked like an eleven-year-old gone wrong; I weighed as much as a fully-grown thirty-year-old woman about ten years ago. 123 lbs. Which isn't a lot. But it was a lot for someone whose mother weighs 92 lbs.

Cool...I just put my hands together, and pulled them apart a little, and it made this cool suction sound.

Anyways...I just wanted the satisfaction of being able to get into PG-13 movies and being able to tell them, if they asked, "I'M 13!"

Now I'm 14, though, so if anyone asks if I'm allowed into a PG-13 movie, I'll probably sock them because I look a lot older. Some people look at me and think I'm 16 or a junior or something. What's up with that? At band camp, someone thought I was most definitely a sophomore. I'm only a freshman, people! I'm 14! I love the compliments of looking older than I am, though, since I'm so young.

I don't get my permit till I'm, like, 15 1/2. And they're even thinking of changing the law for those of us who were born in 1990 to get our permits when we're 16! SIXTEEN?? THAT SUCKS! I'll be hanging out with my old 1989 friends, and then they'll have to cart me around for, like, a year and a half before I can drive! And even if they DON'T change the law, my friends will still have to drive me everywhere for a few months.

Then there's the factor of being allowed legally into R movies. I mean, R. I've never seen an R movie in my life. But there are so many that just look good...either they're scary or they're hilarious...and I can't see them because I'm 14! That sucks. My mom and I went to rent a video yesterday, and as I looked through the store, every movie I wanted to see was rated R. I asked my mom, "Why is every good movie rated R these days?"

Of course, she took it as a rhetorical question. Whatever.

Then, when everyone's 40 and I'm still 39, I can laugh at them because I'm still in my 30's. But what satisfaction will that get me? I mean, I don't think one year will make a big difference. Keeping youth is priceless...but you know what? It can't be done. I won't get HUGE satisfaction out of being younger than everyone else.

And better still, I'm older than my boyfriend by a sixteen months. So ... heh ... IF we go out forever, then there'll always be that time when I'm 30 and he's still twenty-eight. And then he'll turn twenty-nine...

I waited my whole life to be 14, and you know what I realized when I got here? Nothing special happens when you're 14.

The only good thing about being young, as I say at least thrice a day, is that when everyone else is old, I can tell them I'm still young. "Oh, I'm still 59! What NOW?" By the way, sixty is, by no means, old. Not even seventy or eighty...ninety, great-grandmother is ninety-six or ninety-seven...ANYWAYS, but when I'm still technically an "adult," my friends will all get senior citizen discounts at the movies and zoos, and they'll rub it in my face. But hey, by the time I cross that bridge, maybe paying the extra two bucks will be worth it.

The price of youth.

Heh heh. When I'm 64, I'm gonna go to the zoo with my friends every day. That's why I NEED a senior citizen discount at the zoo. And the movies, too--I'm gonna go and watch the eighty-something JLo shake her big old ass on the movie theater screen. And I'm gonna drool over the seventy-something Hilary Duff making out with the seventy-something pimp, Aaron Carter. Oh, yeah. What a priceless couple. Love without caring about looks. That'll be the day.