Light a candle if you will
I'll light a star

Jack the Ripper awoke in my dreams,
Whispers in the wind called him to me.
You lit a candle to save me, but it seems
I lit a star just so you wouldn't be lonely.

You'll never walk alone
Play life like a dream

You carved my heart out of yellow jade
And oh how heavy on my chest it weighs:
A price to pay so the colour doesn't fade,
So it cannot break even in the darkest days.

Was, is and will be one love
Jack the Ripper

She surrendered her flesh to twilight's King,
Thinking her life could go on within a sin
But not even nightingales in darkness sing;
Now she's learnt to life around dreams spin.

Whispers in the wind
It's when you can't cry you know it's over

Bitterest tears are born in mists of the soul;
The real feelings are those we never show;
When you cannot cry life is beyond control
And now it has to end: just a kiss to the crow.

AN: Euh…if this makes any sense to you, do feel free to tell me…obviously it makes sense to me but then, I wrote it…the italicized text between the verses are random sentences that I thought of, or even graffiti I saw that inspired me to produce this…lol.