Once Time Runs Out

He sat up in his prison cell. For the first time in his life he felt tears in his eyes. Life was coming to an end. The memories of his life flashed in front of his eyes.

He remembered the day he married his wife. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day. Her long hair and the white gown. The ceremony and the reception. Everything was perfect on that day. Oh how he loved her. His wife ment everything to him.

"Someone's here to see you." The prison guard said as he unlocked the gated cage and let the prisoner out.

The guard grabbed his hand-cuffed hands and led him to a special room. Inside, his wife and his five year old daughter stood. Tears in their eyes.

"Honey, don't cry." the prisoner said to his wife.

"I miss you honey." the woman cried as she came and hugged her husband. She held him, didn't want to let go. But she had to. "Come here, give you're daddy a hug." the woman said to the little girl.

The man loved his daughter. He remembered the day she came into their life. The pregnancy, the labor, and then the happy delivery. He promised to take care of his little girl. To walk her down the isle someday. To spoil his grand-kids when she had children. Now... Now he couldn't keep those promised.

"Why are you going away daddy?" The girl innocently asked. She didn't know the truth.

"Daddy got called out to do a job. That's all. I'll be back one day." he lied.

"Why? Why can't you come home instead?" the little girl asked.

The prisoner got all tore up inside. Why? Why can't he come home? He asked that himself.

"Come on Vanessa, Daddy and I need to talk." his wife said as she took her daughter's hand and led her outside and asked her sister to watch her own niece.

Then the woman came back in. "Is it too late?"

"I think so." the prisoner said sadly, looking at the clock which hung on the wall. Time was running out.

"Maybe we can do something. We can call the attorney. We can call the governor. Just tell me what to do?" the woman cried.

"There's nothing to do." the man cried out sadly.

The door opened and another cop walked in. "It's time." he said.

How can he not be affected? How can he not care? The cop was so emotionless. So evil. So not human.

"It's time for you to go." He said as he grabbed the woman's arm and was about to throw her out of the room.

"Wait!" the prisoner cried and the cop let go of his wife.

"I love you." the prisoner said as he came closer to her and hugged her, "I'll always love you."

Always. What a nice saying. Always. Always was coming to an end.

The man kissed his wife. It was the last kiss they would ever share.

"Ok, lets go." the cop angrily said and dragged the prisoner out.

"No!" the woman cried as she fell down to the floor. "No!. He's innocent."

"Tell it to the judge." the cop joked.

JOKED. Why would anyone joke at a time like this? Why would anyone be as insensitive?


(15 minutes later)

Sweat was coming down the prisoner's face but her couldn't wipe it away. His hands and feet were tied, as well as his shoulders, arms, legs, even neck.

He could see his wife crying behind the glass. He could even hear her scream, "He's innocent."

And he was. He was innocent. He was framed with murder but he was really innocent.

"We have gathered here today to give the death sentence to this man. This killer." someone said.

A lie. That's all it was. The prisoner was innocent.

A doctor leaned down and wiped the man's arm.

Fear. A feeling of fear came over him. He couldn't run, he couldn't fight.

Death. Death was coming for him.

"This drug will stop his heart from beating." the man with the microphone said. "It will be injected and in 5 minute's, it will kill him."

A pain from a needle hit his flesh. The drug was injected.

"Wait," A cop from a distance walked into the room.

The prisoner felt his own tears drying on his face.

Death. It was coming for him.

Time was running out.

"There is new evidence to the case." the new cop said. "Stop the execution."

The prisoner could see his wife stand up.

Hope. Her eyes showed hope.

Will time be stopped?

The prisoner saw stars in his eyes.

Darkness. It was getting darker.

His heart was beating slower. And slower. Too slow.

"This man is innocent!" the cop screamed. "Stop the execution. This man is innocent."

The prisoner's wife looked up. A fearful nervous smile formed on her face.

Just don't let it be too late.

"I'm sorry." the doctor at the execution said, "This man is dead."


So the time did run out.

And the innocent had to die.

His wife was crying and the cops flooded to say they were sorry.

Sorry. Those pigs were sorry. Or so they said.

They left her to raise their child alone. They killed an innocent man while letting the criminal run free, and now all they could say is "Woops, we're sorry"?


The time ran out and now the man will never see his daughter grow up. He'll never see her go on her first date. Go to her prom. No matter how much he wanted, he could never see her graduate, or walk her down the isle. The prisoner promised his daughter when she was born that he'll walk her down the isle one day.


That day will never come.


The Time Ran Out.