you are a boy that i'd like to kiss under the strobe light.

(sunday misgivings, saturday weekend:
church prayer, barely there. skipping out
the wrong side of the bed -
lost car keys to a beaten-up truck, worst
of friends, best of luck. carpal tunnel
syndrome down the highway,
sleep in midday. surge of sugar,
high in hope, memories of skipping rope.

red streaks horizontal rain resting on the horizon
and my heart in my head. drop all i possess
off, meddling flowers, things-i-can't-reach-from
the wrong side of the bed. nine to five in
one white square office place, closet
confusion in tiny cramped space. )

you are a boy that i'd like to kiss under the strobe light.
turn my wrists twirl me amidst/between the twilight
-zone. rake dry, your eye, of attention so bright,
frequent eager longing, gaining volume, speed and height.
you are one boy i wouldn't mind kissing under the strobe
light, nights freeze and draw stares blinking flashing
right toward us like a hyperbole of a loved girl losing
sight swaying skipping rope and collapsing where
tightly warmly you'll catch me on this thin fine line between

space and time

where i lose all notion of faith or will or lust to
fight. you are a boy that i'd like to kiss beneath -

metal, sounding
alarm, whining
panic, whirring
motor, jingle of lost keys change zippo lighter ball-point pen
written letter of excuse, escape from bad deathly news,

shock-stricken smile,
ruffled sweat-spiked hair,
over-sized lipstain corner shirt,
vericose veined, bones slid under skin,
squinting glare of
- the strobe light.

o yes, please
kiss me under the strobe light.
your hands are big enough to hold me still, grip me like
a gauze bandage tightly- warmly you'll catch me, tipsy-white, safe-
kiss me
under the strobe light, star light, circumstances of a dangerous plight,
kiss me under the strobe light, won't you? regardless of what's
wrong or right, what's in your sight, your weight/height,
heavy or light - does that really matter? i don't bite.
now just kiss me under the strobe light.
(well see, i already knew you'd
kiss me tonight.)

A/N: MEGA FAB once again, FP screws up my formatting ):