I long for revelation

A change to save the world

To separate black from white

No more blurring of the lines


Heaven calls me a sinner

Dirty, vile, and evil

Hell sees me as potential

One more to make its own


I walk among the shadows

Where children die young

Old men fear their pasts

And youth squanders itself


Beauty in a mother's touch

Brutality in a father's fist

Cruelty in a friend's jest

Loyalty in a sibling's tears


I am guilty of sinning

Of wronging my fellow man

Yet I am made of Light

As much as I am Darkness


The lure of total freedom

Bound by no man's rules

The right of personal vengeance

Calls my soul its home


Yet for my family's acceptance

I will remake myself every day

To see their smiling faces

No price has ever been too great


To help a stranger in need

I do not even second guess

Considering the plight of an enemy

Is something I will not do


So when Heaven calls me wicked

I cannot deny that claim

And when Hell curses my goodness

Neither can I say nay


From God's hands I have fallen

Into many shades of grey

A flawed and imperfect human

Upon the battlefield named Earth