I love you
Is all I think of
When I see
Your beautiful face

I hate you
Is what I feel
When I watch
Your lack of grace

You mean so much
No words can tell
I crave your touch
Upon my hell

You hurt me deep
No one denies
I wish you'd stop
With all your lies

I hold you tied
And fade away
All your frights
To another day

I think of you
And need to shiver
All that's true
You can't deliver

Babe, I love you
With all my heart
You showed me the few
Roads to a new start

Love, I hate you
With all my heart
You took me down
And tore me apart

I hope you see
I'll always be here
Don't be afraid
I'll always be near

I hope you know
I want you to die
Please, just go
Get out of my life