Notes: based on true events that happened to me in my Latin class. Yes, I AM a troublemaker. It is really funny. My teacher knows what to ask to provoke me!

Period Nine Troublemaker

CH. 1: Satanist

"Now this word refers to religion," Dr. Smith said, pointing to a word written on the blackboard. His plaid shirt accented his khakis which accented his salt-and-pepper hair. His weary face still looked bright and happy, even after several years of teaching uninterested high-school-students the nearly dead language of Latin. He looked around the class. His class was divided into two parts, it seemed. One half was always asleep. And the other half. . .well, let's just say that Tranquillina was on the other half.

Tranquillina was a good Latin student, but she never paid attention. She was a troublemaker, and she knew he got annoyed when she woke up the entire class and got them laughing at him. Of course, Tranquillina was not her real name. it was simply her Latin name which he insisted on using for all the teens. It was important to have an alternate name. That way you can behave in this class and it will stay in the calls because barely anyone remembers your real name. But no, Br. Smith remembers Tranquillina's real name, Elizabeth Ward. He has had to call the principal on her more than a dozen times. Her disruptive behavior was rather hilarious, but annoying.

Dr. Smith looked over and saw Regina raising her hand. She was an honest girl, if not curious beyond belief. If he had known what would ensue from her question, he wouldn't have called on her. "Yes, Regina?" he asked.

"What religion are you?" she asked.

"I'm Christian," he replied. He should of stopped there, but he was going to open a can of worms with his question, "Why? What religion are you?"

"I'm Catholic," she replied. Soon shouts of religion were being pelted at the teacher, by those who were still awake.







Everyone head turned to face the blonde girl sitting in the direct center of the room, at the center of attention.

"Satanist, Tranquillina?" Dr. Smith asked, wanting a clarification.

"Yes, Satanist. You know, we worship the devil, burn crosses and bibles, sacrifice rats and cats and people and children?" she laughed, noticing his face go white. It wasn't as if the teacher was afraid, he was just in the fog about. . .how this was lawful.

"Do you actually kill things?" he asked.

"Sure," she smiled. He slowly inched his way over to the phone by the door, and dialed the principal.

"Hello, this is Dr. Smith; I'm sending Elizabeth Ward down again. She is a threat to the classroom."

Tranquillina smiled, and skipped out of the room as one half of the class laughed. The other half of the class. . .well. . .they were asleep anyway.