Period Nine Troublemaker


Chapter Five: Hard Much?

(The "Steamy" Chapter)


"Salvette Dr. Smith," Tranquillina yelled the second he was in sight. He entered the classroom and put his briefcase atop his desk and walked around the desk and sat on the front of it. Tranquillina slid her desk over as close to Domina's as she could.

Dr. Smith began with vocabulary, but Tranquillina wasn't paying attention to him. She was paying attention to Domina's face. Tranquillina's long fingers slid up and down Domina's thigh, and occasionally dipped in between Domina's two legs. Rubbing a little bit harder, and a little bit faster, Tranquillina saw fireworks in Domina's beautiful eyes.

Suddenly, the trail of Dr. Smith's thoughts stopped. His weary eyes stared at Tranquillina and (as he knew her) Semphronia. He didn't move, he didn't speak, he didn't blink. He just stared at them.

Domina's hand slid under the desk, as soon as Dr. Smith regained composure, and started to run across Tranquillina's thigh. Tranquillina felt so horny after that Latin class, as bizarre as that sounds.

"Do you think he noticed?" Domina asked as they walked down the hall to their next classes together. She smiled.

"You bet! I can totally see him thinking of us, and what he thinks we might do outside of class, and getting a hard-on. Damn, that sick and twisted, but I bet it's true in some way!" Tranquillina laughed as Domina turned red as a beat.

"Devo!" Domina chided Tranquillina playfully, "Bye."

With that the pair separated. Tranquillina headed to science, where she could annoy another teacher. Domina headed to Typing class, where there was no sexual distraction.


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twilightshadow -YOU DO HAVE NICE BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, you have been around me too much. I'm glad I'm RUBBING off on you. Hehe.. (oh, and it's Semphronia or something like that…) did I add enough dialogue??

I-Luv-Mosquiton - yea. It was really a funny thing to say at the moment…especially since the alert part of the class already knows I'm obsessed with sex.


Notes: this is what me and Domina think- Doctor Smith gets boners thinking about us and what we do in class…and what we possible do outside of the classroom (hehe, evil thoughts). Ew. Nasty. Now that I think about it, Dr. Smith having a boner…. THAT'S FUCKING NASTY!!! Gr. I hate is when I type something I'm probably just going to delete later… anyway, please review my pathetic story because Domina and I need something to fuel our appetites … hence if y'all have any ideas for what "Tranquillina" (aka me) should do to annoy him, please tell me. I might use them… damn. I rambled on again…