Another Experiment

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

You know,I've traveled to Mexico to experience the pleasures

That the college born tradition of Spring Break would offer

To a certain Baldwin Wallace student known as Kevin Hopkins,

But that's before a blinding light has placed me in

A room that had looked to me like an ER

At any hospital on the face of the planet Earth.

Just then,I've really that I really was worth

More to a group of little grey beings alive than

Dead just like every other human that they possible can

Get their hands on and try to discover how Earth

Was able to produce such a fantastic specimen of creature.

Then suddenly,I was placed inside a room was Claire

Lancaster,who has been abducted from her family's Montana ranch

And went on a quest to find the perfect match

For her to physcially bond with for yet another experiment.

And even though they were observing us,it was enjoyment

On a pure erotic scale,for we are a match

Made in both heaven and aboard a ship in outer

Space and orbiting over the state of Montana,which Claire's

Family ranch is standing at and whose family is wondering

When are they finally going to bring their little darling

Home and back into their loving arms safe and sound.

Well,let's just say that we wouldn't be on the ground

Anytime soon,for we're still our moment of pure

And untamed erotica with our true loves--that's for sure.