Dear brother
Do you know how much I love you?
Do you realize how much you mean?
Do you know I can't live without you?
Or do you think of this as just a dream?

Dear brother
Have you got any idea how much you hurt me?
Have you got a clue on who I am?
Have you got any idea what I should do next?
Or do you just not care about my pain?

Dear brother
Why did you ran when you saw my blood?
Why do you judge what I like to do?
Why can't you see it's what makes me feel better?
And that it's not really because of you

Dear brother
Since when do you care about someone else's opinion?
Since when did you become such a wannabe?
Since when do you take everything for granted?
Swearing, cursing, ignoring me

Dear brother
Must you care about the make-up I wear?
Must you think I can't do anything right?
Must you care about the clothes I wear?
Is it really what keeps you awake at night?

Dear brother
What made you change into the person you are now?
What made you label me like this?
What made you care about the way I look?
I'm not so thin, why can't you live with it?

Dear brother
You used to cheer me up when I was feeling down
You never let me take the fall
You used to be so good at making me smile
Now, where are you when I call?

Dear brother
I need you to look beyond what you see
I need you to help me get through life
I need you to give me back that feeling
The feeling you gave me when you were only five