Author Note: I am an idiot. Jaime is supposed to be Jamie. I didn't realize this until a friend pointed it out. Haha.

Chapter 4: Klutzy Me

I stood at the door of the classroom as everyone else exited.

"Bye chica!" Amy exclaimed after hugging me.

Perfect. Just perfect.

I'm wearing a skirt.

Ayden got transferred into my class.

I got a hug from Amy and I'm now her 'chica'.

And it's raining.

Can this day get any worse?

"Well, well, well, does little Jamie Blitzer need a ride home?" Ayden teased from my side as I stared at the dreary scene before me. The sky was darkening and the cold, harsh drops of water were mercilessly pelting down on all the passersby. But that wasn't the worst part, the wind was picking up as well. It was definitely not the kind of environment that a girl wearing a short skirt should be in.


"Shut up Ayden!" I spat back angrily. He was full head taller than me, so the height differentiation was quite daunting, not to mention highly annoying.

He only smirked at me. "If that is how you're going to treat me, I guess I shouldn't offer this umbrella, huh?"

My jaw dropped as he showed off a small black umbrella hidden in the depths of his backpack.

"Ayden... give... that... to... ME!" I exclaimed before jumping at him.

I've got to say, I've done a lot of dumb things, but that had to be one of the dumbest.

He merely stepped aside to escape my lunging, which for most people wouldn't be so bad, but, being the klutzy person that I am, I found myself heading towards the floor with a blood-curdling scream upon my lips.

I was heading to the floor fast, my heart was pounding at an incredible pace, and for some God damn odd reason my hands did not instinctively stick out to save me.

So this was how I was going to die. I was like a stupid deer stuck in the headlights; too afraid to save myself.

Stupid, stupid.

I closed my eyes and prepared to die.

The end.


I'm dead.

I'm currently standing at the Pearly Gates, chilling with the angels, and bribing Saint Peter to not drop me into the fiery pits of hell.

Okay, I lied.

Right before my life ended, an almighty saving grace held me up and saved me from ultimate demise. I opened my eyes to find my face merely a few inches away from the floor. I dropped to my knees and pushed my hands forward.

Now my hands listen?! Sheesh!

I made a quick sign of the cross, turned around, and found Ayden holding onto my backpack.

He was smirking like a freaking stuck up punk.

He crouched down to my eye level and held a hand out for me. It was just like the old days. He would save me from my klutziness, and I would feel like a completely insignificant idiot. Damn, I hate the old days!

"Are you having a blonde day, Jamie?" he asked after a moment of silence. "You know that this is about the time you enthusiastically bow before me and thank me profusely for saving your stupid ass," he paused with a smirk. "Now go ahead. Thank me."

His stupid, smug grin was too much to handle.

So I did the most stupid thing possible. Instead of thanking him, I sort of pushed him backward.

Yeah, I am definitely going to die before this day ends. It was like I seriously wanted a death wish.

And as he fell back, he latched onto my arm to stay up. But instead of staying up, he brought us both down.

I was pulled into him and I crashed onto his hard body. His deep grunt told me that I had to run or die.

So, I got to my feet and made a dash for it.

But being the idiotic klutz that I am, one already knows that this plan wasn't going to work...

Mid-way through my escape, I tripped over my own feet and landed in a giant puddle that just appeared out of nowhere. It wasn't that bad, though, because my hands actually saved me. But I was completely soaked from head to toe at this point. My skirt was soaked through, my Converse were all squishy inside, and my shirt seemed to shrink and was choking me.

I closed my eyes and took a heavy breath.


I didn't have to open my eyes to know that the footsteps behind me belonged to him. I didn't even have to turn around to know that he was thinking about how stupid I am. He was probably calling me a stupid idiotic klutz that shouldn't have been born.

"This is all your fault you know," I said bitterly.

I felt his hands grab my arms, and I cringed. I became that little girl again.

"What in the hell are you talking about? I didn't push you into puddle," he spat as he pulled me to my feet.



So, in peaceful retaliation (yes, I learned from my mistake), I decided to give him the silent treatment.

Ooh, it was just perfect. He absolutely hated the silent treatment.

"What?" he questioned, but I didn't answer. "What! Do you expect me to apologize?" he questioned angrily after a long pause.

"No, I except you to die..." I muttered under my breath as I pushed past him.

But obviously it wasn't out of earshot because he answered with, "Yeah, well, that isn't going to happen any time soon, James."

Damn him! Damn him and his dog-like ears! Damn, damn, damn. And how dare he call me James! Ooh, I hate that nickname...


Don't explode, Jamie, you can handle at least five seconds with him. Just keep climbing up these steps.


He smells fear, so show no fear! One step. Two Step. Three Step. That's it. Good girl.


Dear God, I know that I haven't been a good girl for the past couple of years, but I seriously don't mind if you want to take Ayden's sorry existence back. It's okay. Sometimes you can make a mistake. Not everyone has to be perfect. I'll still love you. I promise.


I. Can't. Help. Myself. Internal. Struggle. Is. Failing.


That's it! I can't handle it anymore.

"Shut up!" I finally yelled at him. I took an inward gasp when I realized that I had turned right into his face. My nose actually touched his! Great... now I'm wet and tainted...

He blinked twice before he did the unthinkable. If I were not there in the flesh, I wouldn't have believed it myself. He just blew air into my face and it smelled like peppermint! Peppermint! Damn it, I like peppermint!

Scratch that, I liked peppermint.


I was about yell insanities his way when he covered my mouth with his hand. Ahhhhh, tainted!!! I am being tainted by warm hands of Satan!

"Shut up and don't you dare bite me," he said into my ear as he pushed me up the steps until we reached the very top.

Once we got to the parking lot, I narrowed my eyes at him and positioned myself to knee him in the balls. I waited for the perfect moment to carry out my devious plan, but it was foiled with the sudden appearance of Del.

"My oh so beautiful Delaney, how are you related to this monster!"

"Del," Ayden said, finally releasing me. "Where's your car?"

I ran to Del the moment Ayden's hands left me.

Actually, I kind of slid across to Del. Luckily he caught, though, me because I couldn't stop. My body isn't equipped with brakes so yeah... I would have just flown and more likely than none, I would have landed on my butt.

"Umm, you see I walked to Jamie's house and we both kinda walked here," Del said shamefully like a dog with its tail between its legs.

"Are you kidding?" Ayden groaned out in disbelief. Then, Ayden and Del exchanged a pitiful stare down, until Ayden finally groaned. "You're an idiot!"

"What? Why are you calling me an idiot?!"

"Maybe because you are, Einstein?"

"Hey, back off asshole!"

"Quit life, go home! Wait, you can't go home since you fucking left the car there! Bastard!"

"I'll kill you!"

"Try it, I'd like to fucking see that!"

"Hmm, you gotta love that brotherly love," a voice whispered into my ear.

I turned around and instantly hugged Fergie. He smelled nice, like cologne, and not the cheap cologne either. It was the really expensive one that just overwhelms the senses. "Any chance that you can take me home without them?" I begged with a puppy dog look.

Fergie chuckled lightly. "Sorry, but I promised Del that I'd take you guys home."

"Any chance that you can leave Ayden here?"


I grinned and followed Fergie with Ayden and Del following behind us. They were both still arguing and it wasn't long before their bickering took a step back into childish am too and are not's.

They were still being big babies as we walked toward Fergie's "God-sent" car.

I ran to get shotgun, but as I said before, my body isn't equipped with brakes so I sort of ran into his car.




I got hit by a parked car.

Say it with me: Jamie is an idiot.

You know you want to... Jamie is an idiot.

Anyways... Yeah, I kinda blacked out.

I know, I know. How can you black out from hitting a car? Well, that's simple. I am weak and shit happens.

The next thing I know I'm laying on top of a bed. A very comfortable bed, mind you, with gigantic pillows that looked like marshmallows. My shoes were off and I was wearing different clothes. If I were completely awake I would probably be freaking out at the fact that I wasn't wearing my clothes, but I was so incredibly tired that I didn't think much of it.

I looked around and found myself in Fergie's room. If the hundreds of dark paintings and drawings scattered across the walls and the floor didn't scream out Fergie, I don't know what does.

He was always the quiet sort. He didn't talk much, so art was his escape. Well, art and playing video games.

I stood up and headed toward the door. As comfy as the bed was, it's just too weird to sleep in someone else's room.

I walked down the dark hall and found Fergie playing on his X-box in the tiny living room. The room was clean and tidy, courtesy of his perfectionist mother.

"Hey," I greeted.

He put the controller down and looked up at me with a smile. "You've been asleep for awhile. I didn't want to wake you up."

I looked down at him on the couch. He overtook the whole darn thing!

But I didn't care anymore, I was tried and my body hurt. So, I just joined him on the couch and laid my head on his chest.

It was weird, though, because I could feel his heart beating really fast. WHy would his heart be beating this fast?

I raised a questioning eyebrow at him.

Was he... dare I say, nervous?

I yawned and instantly dismissed the idea. Why would Fergie be nervous around me? That's ridiculous!

I nuzzled into his chest and closed my eyes. "Where's everybody?"

"I took them home," he answered softly.

I felt his hands play with my hair and it made me smile. His hands weren't as big as Ayden's hands, but they still felt nice. And unlike Ayden's rough and callous hands, Fergie's were baby soft.

"I'm just going to sleep here okay?" I whispered softly.

"Yeah, go ahead," he whispered back.

I smiled and fell asleep.


Author Note:

Gomen nasai! Sorry for taking so long to update!!! It's been how long? Eight months?! Nani! Wow that's bad... I hope you guys like it. I haven't been online much, but I finally got on and I had to update this story. I don't know, I just had an urge to write. lol. It might be bad, though, because I just wrote it and posted it. Okay, I really got to go... It's bed time for me, haha. Sorry again!