Army in lieu

Of diplomacy and peace programs that aren't any fun


With nationalist goons

We're gonna' make it happen too soon

But why, should it happen, at all?


Just like Rome


Just like Britain


We're better than them

And we want our "equilibrium"

Just so we can get the benefits

Of our omnipotence

In the netherworld of blood and oil

Imperialism takes it toll

Where aristocrats and plutocrats

Have drooled more than once before

The citizens of indulgence

They're waving their flags enthralled

But they'll be chickens with their heads cut off

When the state just falls

The oligarchy wont see a coup

While counting their tax revenue –

Ah ha!

Misinterpretations and bravado

Only served grand travesties

Where petty ideas of higher class

Always crumble to reality

In the extensive relic of time

Man conceived the regressive state

And declared in self-righteousness

That it should only provide personal sate

In romanticist naivete

Young political figureheads always ask

"What alluring concept is this?" –

Omnipotence, Omnipotence, Omnipotence, OMNIPOTENCE