Sun dried roses fade away in the afternoon sun

And I hate it how you love it when I play the violin for you

As you put everything on your shoulders onto mine

Cursed cursed sunset Arabic style into the deserted desert

Boulevard calling and asphalt churning

There's construction on Elm Avenue

I was late again

Saw the roses on the counter

Wondered if they were for me

But curiosity killed the cat

When the envelope said Maureen

Is she your little beauty queen

To make out with under the movie screen

Does she have auburn curls resting on her hips?

Rosy roses rise and fall like the crystal vase I threw

Oh darling darling how could you do me wrong

When you told me time and time again I did ya right

Spun your mind like clockwork

Like clockwork

So predictable like the weather in Phoenix

As the deserted sand keeps the time for me

Spinning spinning like the gears in my watch

Oh I should have watched for your little games

Maureen Maureen

Is she your little beauty queen?

With eyes as blue as morning glories

And lips as red as scarlet lingerie

Maureen Maureen

Bet you like to hear her scream your name

With exotic tendency

So I think I'll pack my bags and leave you

To make room for your rendezvous

You came to the door all surprised with luggage in tow

Back from the airport you said to me

Saw the shattered roses on the floor

Antique crystal cut my hand

Blood bleeding turning the fresh water pink

Honey I'd like to introduce you to my mother

Her name's Maureen