Catch a Falling Angel

Tears are falling from fallen Angels fighting to be,

Only to be shunned from both Heaven and Hell.

Never accepted into the World of everlasting Peace and Harmony,

Instead tossed out of His Realm unto the scum of Earth below,

Gasping and bleeding from wounds no one will glimpse or attempt to

Heal. For they have fallen from Grace. Fallen from the Holy Land, so

Tonight they bleed. Tonight they cry.


Insensitive eyes rip the feathers from their wings one by one,

Never hearing the wails of pain and defeat felt from a lifetime of

Sin punished in every way.

Internal wounds bleeding for eternity, never letting fallen Angles

Die. Never allowing an escape for their ongoing pain. For it is sorrowful



Instead of seeking to understand, you rip off the feathers and crush the halo of Light.


Blessed be those who don't see Demons, but Angels fallen from His Home above,

Lost in a world of jealousy, hatred, and greed; an

Eternity of suffering in the filth of Man.

Everlasting bleeding inside and out for everything they lost.

Demon sare all they will ever seem to be.


Fallen Angel is what I have become here,

Overly beaten by words and cruelty,

Rejected by Heaven and hated by Hell.


Yesterday the world loved me, God loved me, Angels loved me,

Only to betray my heart and soul and steal my Grace and Love,

Until I fell from Heaven and you caught me in your waiting arms.