Face me

Show me the terror you harbor behind your eyes

Release all those things that you've been hiding from me

The jig is up

I know you know

That's your folly

You let me in

And I saw you for what you are

Words and promises

Words constantly spoken so as not to show your ignorance

Promises constantly broken, so as to show your perseverance

You were once the worlds to me, but then I saw the truth

And then the truth became light, and light became you, and I saw you as the illuminated truth.

And I wish you had been a lie.

The stars were once your fireflies that you could catch in your mighty hands. You stuffed them in jars, poked holes in their lids, and watched them suffocate one by one.

Now that the heavens are dead, we are your stars, suffocated by the lid of limits. Limits to the intelligent creatures we may have been destined to be, but got lost along the way.

So, I ask you, why are we here?

Are we truly just a cosmic mistake?

You know the answer, you are the answer. But you just turn your back, refuse to enlighten your own creation.

Face me and tell me what I want to know.

Face me, break through your terror.

Face me,