Gift From A Fallen Angel

Catch me as I fall from the land of His Above,

Don't let me touch the ground and break my fine steel wings.

Hold me in your waiting arms and sooth the cuts and burns,

Kiss away the misery and teach me what I need to learn.

Don't let me become something with eyes red from tears unshed,

Protect me from the dripping fangs and fingers of the dead.

I never meant to fail, never meant to disappoint,

Yet still I scream and cry as I fall, fall from the sky.

Steel feathers flying all about from my battered broken wings,

My voice is dead inside of me, my soul no longer sings.

As I pray to He who tossed me out into this word of agony,

Not caring if I anyone had the heart or soul to catch me

As I fell.

You caught me in your loving arms and held me close to you,

Promising to heal my wings and help me See and grow.

You stroked my hair, whispered to me, and dried my many falling tears,

And with each gentle word you spoke, death befell my fears.

I am not hated or alone or turned demon from my fall,

For it was you who caught me, when I thought no one cared at all.

Stay by me, help me if I shall stumble once again,

Hold me up and comfort me from this ghastly world of hurt.

Tell me that you love me with everything you are,

Tell me that you indeed would cry

ten thousand rivers if I should ever die.

And I'll promise to be there for you in every way I can,

A promise to thank you for catching me when I fell into this land.