Havoc Has No Heart

The havoc that I reek upon this world of bitter lies,

the bitter anger that I feel never begins to describe

how much I hate this world I live in, how much I hate the

air I breathe, how I hate everything around me and

I begin to hate me.

And it's not my fault I'm bitter,

and it's not my fault I lie,

well, that's wrong, yes it is, but

didn't you hear me say I lie?

There's nothing in this word I want to live for anymore,

if it were that easy, I'd just shut the damn door.

But God knows I can't, and Lucifer knows it too

which is why he laughs, when he sees me stuck and blue.

Wait, not blue, it's not a color that I'd be, when there are so many

colors that begin to describe me. Deep red, was the color of my heart,

that was, until I moved, and the havoc was to start.

Now my heart's as black as coal, and I'm trapped and alone.

Unloved, and guess what: bitter. But it no longer matters

because I'll throw it all away, just to get away for a minute

or even for a day.

Thoughts of escape are so precious in my head,

that I must let them stay before I lose them all again.

And that is where I leave you, such a sad place to start.

Not like it matters, because havoc has no heart.