Unbreakable Bonds

Chapter 1

It was a girl that they found in an abandoned building. She was filthy, dressed in rags with ratty hair, the color undeterminable it was that dirty and she was curled up in a corner, thoroughly frightened. They couldn't even tell what exactly her skin color was she was so covered in dirt and filth from the building and who knew what else. She flinched away from their hands and tried to squeak, but her voice wasn't working, so when they managed to touch her she couldn't make any kind of sounds of protest.

"What do we do with her? We have to destroy the building tonight," a young man said scratching his head. He had blue-violet eyes and long, chestnut brown hair held back in a braid. He looked at his companions askance.

"We'll take her with us," another young man said firmly. He had dark brown messy hair and deep blue eyes. He reached over the girl and scooped her up. Trying to struggle her eyes went wide as if she were a wild animal…or an abused animal.

"Need any help Luke?" a green-eyed blond asked.

"No Jason. Just stay out of the way while I carry her to the van," Luke replied. He still managed to hold the struggling girl, but she started to quiet down since his firm grip neither lessened nor tightened. She still made no sounds of any kind and just silently stayed in Luke's arms.

"We should leave before anyone spots us here," a fourth companion said, keeping watch all around them. He was the tallest of them all with brown hair and deep green eyes.

Their last companion, who had stayed with their mode of transportation called out to them, "Come on guys!! We have been here for too long; people are getting suspicious."

Jason and the other two went out first, but Jason turned back to shut the door as Luke carried his bundle out. Surprisingly the girl didn't bolt as they went out into the sunlight, and she just observed everything around her. The five companions climbed into their van and then drove off.

"Do you know anything about her?" the one driving asked, looking in the rearview mirror. He had jet-black hair and dark brown eyes; he was Chinese.

"No. We found her in the building cowering in a corner," the one with the long hair replied.

"Seth, be nice. You don't know if she understands what we're saying," Jason said. He was always the gentle one. "For all we know she could've taken offense to that."

The girl, still in Luke's arms turned her head towards Jason and Seth. She watched them but did not say anything or even let them know she was listening to them.

Luke noticed the girl in his arms watching the others, and while she did that he watched her. After thirty minutes of driving, they pulled into a driveway leading up to a large house. It was a two-story with an equally large lawn with trees and the occasional flower. The girl looked at all of it as Luke still carried her in his arms. They went into the house following in Luke's wake. Jason and Seth followed Luke into the closest bathroom with a tub in it.

The minute the girl saw the tub she struggled out of Luke's arms. This time she managed to get away from him.

"Do you know why we brought you here for?" Luke asked.

The girl nodded.

"You can understand us?" Seth asked, surprised.

Again the girl nodded her head. But the scared look was coming back into her eyes. She had been fine when they were just restraining her, but now she didn't know what they were going to do. Luke noticed the change in her and looked at his friends.

"Let us leave her to bathe in peace," he said. Then looked once more at the girl. "When you are finished wrap yourself in a towel and we will find you some clothes."

The girl nodded a bit jerkily and backed away from them. The young men took their leave, Luke closing the door behind him. The girl watched them go and immediately locked the door. It was only a small measure of protection against these boys, whom she knew were some kind of soldiers, but it was all she could do to protect herself.

She turned back to the tub and eyed it for a long minute. Then stripping off the rags she wore, she let them fall to the floor and turned on the water. It was hot as she slid into it, and soon cleaned her whole body, hair and all.

Within forty-five minutes the girl was finished with her bath and even dried her hair with a hair dryer she found under the sink (she was a little bit amused when she found it). Wrapping a large fluffy towel around her thin frame, she unlocked the door and walked out. Upon the floor she found a stack of clothing, which she bent down to scoop up. She retreated back into the bathroom and slipped into the clothing. It was a pair of underwear, which were girls, which she also wondered how they got. A pair of black jeans went next and then an oversized black button down shirt, which she rolled the sleeves up. It was only severely oversized because she was small for her seventeen years, being only barely 5'2.

Leaving the towel on the floor in the bathroom, she cautiously ventured out. Peering all around her she walked out a few steps more away from the door. She wanted to get away from this place; she didn't want to be around people. She wanted to be alone most of all. She remembered the way she had been carried and soon came to the front door. She was a little surprised that on her way she hadn't seen any of the people that brought her to this house. She opened the door and as she stepped out, she found the tall brunet out there.

"I figured you would try to escape." He said calmly. There was even a small smirk on his face. He came closer to the porch, not yet in reach of her, but already too close for comfort.

Panicking, she swung around and tried to retreat back through the door, but she ran into someone. She was trapped. Giving a silent mangled cry she spun around and found that the brunet had moved even closer, but this time there was a small look of concern in his features. With no way to escape from them, she sank to the ground, sobbing. She covered her face with her hands and curled up in the sitting position she sank down into.

The two teenaged boys looked down at her and then at each other. Seth couldn't understand why the girl acted this way, but the other one had a thought.

"Should I go get Luke?" Seth asked the tall brunet.

"No. I'll try to take her up. Which room is she going to put in?" he asked.

"The one next to Jason's since it's empty." Seth replied. "But Trey what if she won't let you pick her up?" he asked skeptically. He was eyeing the girl on the floor, her shoulders racking with her sobs. But the odd thing was that she wasn't making a sound whatsoever.

"Then I will have to get Luke won't I?" Trey retorted.

The girl, despite her sobs, had heard every word and was now twisting around Seth's legs to get away from them. Just as Trey bent down to try to pick her up, she threw herself away from them. She found herself backed into yet another corner and made herself as small as possible, curling up. She kept her head bent down, her tears now dripping to the hardwood floor.

"What is going on here?" Luke demanded as he approached the other two teens. He looked down at the girl and pointedly at his friends. "What did you do?"

In a few words Trey and Seth explained what had occurred and Luke looked back at the girl. She was still huddling in the corner, not looking at them. Luke leaned forward, motioning his friends to so the same. In a hushed tone he said,

"I think she was raped before we found her. She doesn't want our touch." He explained and with another glance at her he added, "And she doesn't even want to be here, especially with us here."

Seth nodded as if just now understanding. But Trey nodded because that was what he had also deducted from the girl's behavior.

"So what do we do? None of our other friends are women." Seth said. "And though there's always Reka, she's still in Germany visiting family." He added as an afterthought with a shrug.

Luke studied his friend, "Well, Jason is gentle enough and looks the most harmless. But then so do you Seth." he said.

Seth stared at Luke, surprise running across his face. "What? Why me?"

"You and Jason are the most harmless looking ones here. Though I'd rather have Jason attend her right now." Luke replied thoughtfully.

"I'll go get Jason." Trey offered. At Luke's nod he left

Seth took this leave too and headed for the kitchen. He was hungry and he figured the girl would be too. That left Luke still in the front hall watching the girl. Her sobs had ceased, though he wasn't sure. He never heard her make a sound. He slowly walked closer to her and noticed that she tried to back away from him, but was already up against a wall.

He knelt in front of her, though stayed away a good foot. "I won't hurt you I promise." He said gently.

She lifted her head and for the first time looked him in the eyes. Luke nearly stumbled as he gazed at her face. She had lovely lavender eyes, which was odd--lavender was not a natural color. But she cleaned up nicely. She had straight black hair that hung to mid-back and a light bronze complexion. Luke stared at her in open surprise, but quickly wiped it from his face with the usual blank look. The girl looked away, but didn't try to get away from him again.

"I promise not to hurt you, but can you speak?" he asked softly. She squeezed her eyes shut, shaking her head but then nodding.

"You lost your voice?" he inquired. She nodded again.

At that moment Jason came from a different direction than the others had left and slowly came to stand behind Luke.

"You called for me Luke?" Jason asked, gazing down curiously at the girl. She didn't look up at him, but it was just as well. He knew she was scared of them all.

Luke rose and turned to look at his friend, "Yes. I want you to take our guest up to the room next to yours. But mind you just lead her up there when she is good and ready to leave her spot." He added. Then he left without another word.

Jason looked down at the girl in his charge and then sat down next to her, but a good foot from her. He leaned back against the wall and glanced at her reaction. The girl felt his movement and didn't lift her head until he had settled and was silent for a few minutes. She looked him over and found him looking elsewhere, so she was able to stare at him for all she wanted for the moment.

Jason had thick blond hair, the bangs falling just above his lovely green eyes. His build was lean, but lightly muscled. Though a little hard to tell because he was wearing loose fitting blue jeans and a long sleeved button down blue shirt. His complexion was barely tanned and she knew in an instant that he was taller than she was. He was overall nice to look at.

Jason felt the girl's gaze on him and for a few minutes resisted looking back at her. He wanted her to become comfortable with him, so silent and turned away he stayed. But then he couldn't resist and slowly turned to meet her eyes. He was startled and nearly jumped when he discovered that her eyes were an unique lavender color. Luckily she didn't turn away from him, so he was able to continue his inspection. She had black hair that ended in the middle of her back and her skin was a light bronze. Overall she was quite lovely, which made him instantly wonder what her age was. She appeared to be no more than 12, but appearances could be deceiving, especially when she was wearing clothing many sizes too large for her.

The girl watched him closely and slowly, very slowly started to uncurl her huddled position. She was warming up to him. He had offered no violence and made no sudden moves. He was being careful around her.

"Would you like to see the room you'll be staying in?" he asked quietly.

She instantly liked the sound of his voice, just as she liked the voice of the one who had carried her from the building not even two hours ago. Slowly she nodded.

He rose from the floor slowly and then turned to face her. He held out a hand to her, but all she did was look at it and then rose by herself. She wasn't comfortable enough yet. Jason sighed inwardly and then started leading her to a staircase that they took up to the next floor. Cautiously the girl followed the blond, but remained a couple of paces behind him the whole way. When they reached a room, he opened the door and stood aside to let her in. She skirted around him while she walked through the door and looked around.

The was a bed on her left, up against the wall a nightstand next to it, and desk and chair on the opposite side of the room. There was also a dresser on her right and another door a foot from the foot board of the bed. She went to it and curiously opened it, discovering it was a closet. There was also a window that let in light in the bedroom. Closing the closet door she hurried to the window and looked out. There was a nice view—a pond out in the distance with weeping willow trees and ducks. There were at the moment children over there feeding the ducks. When she sensed Jason stepping deeper into the room she automatically threw herself up against the closet door in fright.

Jason hesitated in his steps and tilted his head to the side while staring at her. "I'm sorry." He said as he retreated to the doorway. Just then he heard someone coming towards him and looked to find Seth bearing a tray of food.

"It's for the little one. Would you give it to her?" Seth asked, holding the tray out for the blond, while he added, "Luke said that he decided he really only wants her to see you and him. He doesn't want to overwhelm her for the time being until she gets used to people around her."

Jason nodded, taking the tray.

"Oh, she understands what we say." Seth added as he walked away, obviously forgetting that Jason had been there when that fact was established. Jason nodded while also rolling his eyes at his friend's forgetfulness, though Seth couldn't see it, and turned back into the room.

The girl was still in the corner she had put herself into and watched the blond as he set the tray on the desk. She watched as he backed away and motioned at the food. But she didn't come closer. Not yet.

"Okay, I understand. I'll leave but I will return in a little while. Just please," Jason said, "don't try to escape again. I promise no one will hurt you."

She nodded and watched him go. When she knew he was gone, when she couldn't sense his presence anywhere close to the room anymore, she walked to the tray on the desk. Sniffing, her mouth watered. Immediately she started eating, but did retain enough sense to eat with manners.