Everyone's minds are shutting down.

Poor tenth graders have to take the OGT

Just a week until spring break.

A delayed start for everyone but the 10th graders.

Classes just about half an hour long.

The countdown's begun.

How much longer? Runs though everyone's mind.

To go away for a week, get suntanned or sunburned.

To a place, far away from Ohio's cold and Ohio's winter wrath.

Or just to go skiing.

But not me.

I'm not a tenth grader, oh no. I'm just a little froch.

My family just doesn't have the money to go on a trip like others.

I don't get all the special little extras.

Yeah I've got a cell phone, but it's not a camera phone, oh no, it's just a phone that works, and that's all I need.

No I don't need anything more.

I don't need the special extras, I'm happy with what I've got.

Mom, John and I make it through each month, even if Dad doesn't pay.

Just that spring break ancyness is getting to everyone but me.

Spring break to me is just sleeping in for about a week, and lying around the house.

Big deal.

I could be writing poetry, or a story.

But to others, Spring Break is the best thing next to Summer Vacation.

OGT Ohio Graduation Test. It's a test that Sophmores (10th graders) have to take.

Froch Another word for Freshman, EX: Freshie etc.