What was almost love has become indifference
And this time I'm not going to mend your fucking fence
There's not even enough left of you that's worth two pence

My tears are dry,
I have finished crying.
And what of you?
Have you finished lying?

You strayed into the dark side of the moon
Pushed yourself into the shadow of my heart
So now a face that never really made me swoon
Makes me want to tear it all apart

I almost loved you
Thought you told me what was true
But now those feelings have all turned blue
Because I choked them all away

Something you never really found
So you felt the need to throw her to the ground
And now all you can hear is the sound
Of me laughing at you

You must have thought it would work again
Getting me into an argument accusing me of sin
I'm not perfect, but your lies stretch credulity thin
And this time I won't say I'm sorry

I can't feel anything when I think of "us"
Under that scab there's nothing but pus
We have nothing left to discuss
You threw it all away

You strayed into the darkness of my mind
What did you expect to find,
Some fragment of love left behind?
Something for you to cling to?
There is no love left for you.
Because what we had was never true

She deserves all my heart
She was true to me from the start
And while she may sometimes fall apart
The shards of her are more than you ever could hope to be

I guess you decided it was time to lie again
You must have felt like you didn't have enough sin
Well it was the last time that you will ever win
Enough of my attention to even make me notice you

My tears are dry,
I have finished crying.
And what of you?
Have you finished lying?

I am weary of all your fool's errands and childish games
Maybe if you ever grow out of your childhood I could remember your name
But until you stop saying you've changed and actually do
I had quite enough of you

So go off and waste your life somewhere where I don't have to see you
Go off and pretend like I didn't mean something, that you didn't feel something true
Laugh your hollow laugh while you're all dead inside like you always do
And quite begging me to see something that was never even part of you

Because, oh yes, you have changed so much I can see
Still trying to cling on to some part of me
Cursing her for being my beloved one
Cursing the Father and cursing the Son

And then you say you didn't mean it all
It was just a 'bout of madness, a temporary fall
Well you can pick yourself up this time
I'll just stand by and curse you in rhyme
You are no longer a person to me you see
And you were never really a part of me

And know that even though he says he cares
If you ever truly decide to be truthful and share
He will see you for what you really are inside
And he'll flee from you and hide
And if he's strong enough to tolerate your lies
All that's rotting and infested with flies
You'll never deserve his feelings for you
That is, if they are even true

So wallow in your despair
It was you who took yourself there
Blame me if you can even start
But you know the truth deep in your heart

So burn in the fire you made for your soul
And know that it was you who supplied the coal
You light the match and tossed it in
I just burned you away again