Pagan Ritual

A clipping from a lilac bush

Topped with a crystal

Travels thrice with me

Around my circle

I call it my wand

The circle is a veil

Between the world we live in

And the spiritual

The North is the Earth

Though I stand on manmade carpet

The East is Air

Though it comes through a furnace

The South is Fire

Though we're taught to fear it

The West is Water

Though our race pollutes it

The center is Spirit

In its many forms

The left is the Goddess

The right is the God

Father, Mother God

As many gods are genderless

Mine is the duality of all things

The Goddess is the moon

Though my blinds conceal the sky

The God is the sun

Though I perform in the dead of night

I sit cross-legged on the floor

Try to clear my thoughts

Guided only by the candles on my altar

I'm filled with a secure feeling

Only the circle can bring

This is my first rite

I share my name

Who I am

I wish to follow this path

I ask Them to guide me

Reach for the pendant on my altar

It is a crescent moon

A symbol of the Goddess

To remind me of this rite

Thanking the God of the Sun

The Goddess of the Moon





Opening the circle

Ending my rite

Of a faith that isn't popular

But is right for me

And I know as I blow out my candles

And clean up my tools

I am a Pagan