Chaste Revenge

The powdered brush tickles my eyelids

Mascara rakes my lashes

Brushing through my hair

I see you in my mirror

If bad taste is a crime

And stalking is illegal

You are a felony

But I say nothing

Hide my compact mirror

In my velvet purse

Trudge away in heels

Never meant to carry me

You block my path

No force in your gaze

Only pleading chestnut eyes

Soon to be purple

If we don't go our separate ways


You tell me your story

The version I don't care to hear

I turn around

You follow

You're about to get closer

You're about to kiss me

In ten seconds

I could nail you with my heel

I could rip out every lock of your hair

Or scream and run away

Self-righteously proclaim

"On my honor, I will try to kick your ass

if you ever look at me again"

Or at least burst into childish tears

And seek pity from someone who hates you

Not difficult to find

My ten seconds are up

I return the favor

Internally screaming

Dizzy beyond fainting

Digestion might reverse

Icy chills prick at my skin

Have I fallen this low?

My friends are going to kill me

My parents are another story

I should kill me first

I kick you with my heel

Bound to leave a bruise

But it doesn't count by then

Chaste revenge