Live Your Lie

Your phone rings off the hook

But you can't be disturbed

Rather nurse your tainted morals

Crumpled paper wads

Decorate your floor

Devotion screams from every page

To a girl who doesn't love

She lived in your world with you

Behind closed doors

Watched you when you sat alone

Probed your deepest flaws

Made you feel attractive

Made you feel wanted

Made you feel like you were something

Worth having

You cursed her with your friends

Called her every bad name known to man

But you loved her

Couldn't stand to be alone

Fearing your own thoughts

Waiting for her

To open the door

And invite herself inside

You let her hold you

And tell you everything was fine

You let your dishonest lips

Lock with hers

She wasn't repulsive to you

You weren't scum to her

Become your own tragic heroes

She whispers something to you

And you're mesmerized

Burning lips

Her hair brushes against your face

Watch it run through your fingers

Trust was your tragic flaw

Flattery was hers

While you hold another girl

Your gaze pierces her, as she passes

And you smile in your secret language

Ask her to pretend with you

Just a moment longer

Hold her one last time

And never let go

Are you dancing on a cloud?

Is this true love?

Keep telling yourself

And she'll help you live whatever lie

Your mind devises

Until she finds a better lie

To live with someone else

And all you have are memories

Of what never happened