A/N: Wrote this 03-07-05, after my dog died from being hit by a car. Going through some of my old stuff, fixing it up. Was very much upset when this happened, though the pain's dulled down now. Anyways. As always... Read. Review. Enjoy.


Woke up this morning.
And wished I hadn't.
Words I heard.
Made pain rip through me.
Something's missing.
And it won't come back.
I hurt so much
And feel so empty.
Started crying
Curled up in bed
Then the tears ran out.

Keep seeing red
Bright red blood
Deep red gash marring
Soft black fur
White star on her chest
Gone forever
Red drops
Splattered over her sweet head.

So young to be dead
Not even a year old.
My sweet puppy's gone
My black dog named Shadow
Won't come running
Won't be back
She's gone forever
And the pain is here to stay.

Her tail no longer wags
And never will when I speak.
She'll never tilt her head and look
With those deep brown eyes.
The paws won't scramble over the floor
To come running when I call.
She won't follow me when I move
Or let me lay on her when I cry.
No more hugging her warmth when I'm sad
No more sloppy kisses
Or offering her paw to be shaken.
No more walks or games of tag

It hurts so much and I wish I could go back
And fix the mistakes that were made.
The mistakes that let her out
That let her get hit
That let her die.
Nothing helps soothe the pain
And no matter what people say
It's my fault she's dead-
If I'd just latched the gate
Or brought her in
Maybe she'd still be alive.

Don't know how to stop this pain
Don't know how to fill the hole.
Can't stop the hurting or the loss.
Can't stop these tears.
How long will this grief stay?
How long until the hurt goes away?