UPDATED: 02.12.07 - I'm such a tease and I know I'm going to get smacked over the head by some CHBA fanatics, but I couldn't stand Roz at all. She's mostly why I had such an awful case of writer's block. I tried my best to continue, but I just couldn't. So my beta (Kat) suggested that I do a rewrite to 'fix' her, my grammar, and other plot holes, etc. Trust me when I say that I really hesitated to do this to my lovely readers, but I do believe that there's no other way around it. So yes, I changed and added a lot of stuff to make it bearable. Haha. And, I finally have a plot in mind! We all win :) So, for new and old readers, here's a cookie, and enjoy the story. I promise it won't kill you.


I already had the perfect clichéd romance. I already had that slow motion kiss that might as well have been written by Hollywood. I already had my picture perfect Kodak moment.

My boyfriend, Donovan, was the all-popular football jock while I was the invisible brainiac. Fate brought us together under tutoring sessions during my sophomore year. We fought, we fell in love, we overcame our obstacles, and our relationship became stronger.

He was the first guy I ever fell in love with and he was the first guy to make me feel like I was worth something.

I love him, I really do.

But, then Ian and Charles Caine entered into my life. In their own ways, they turned everything I thought I knew inside out.

They gave me so many chances to cheat on my boyfriend, but I would never do that to him. I hated cheaters with an undying passion, I ignored their existence whenever I could, and I believed that cheaters deserved everything coming to them. My biological mom cheated on my dad, and I promised myself that I would never, ever follow down her path. Never.

So, here I am stuck at the borderline, trying to make sense of it all, trying to figure out what to do, but most of all trying to listen to my heart.

My name is Roz Peterson, and this is my story about true love and my struggle against Cupid's bad aim...