bloody mary

mary says she wants to die
her boyfriend's left her, why oh why

(she decides she cannot hang herself
she cannot reach the ceiling
and she does not want to leave
blue-faced and bloated)

mary carves names in her arm
oh, the glory of self-harm

(she's considered jumping from
her apartment rooftop
but she has acrophobia
and besides she'd make a bloody mess)

mary enjoys lots of gore
the sight of blood makes her crave more

(using a knife is out of the question
she'd bleed all over the place
and it'd be oh-so-undignified
and who would clean it up)

when mary sees him with his guys
she shoots him down with Uzi eyes

(oh wait, but they don't sell
guns in this here land
she reminds herself sadly
it's painless after all)

mary sighs, realises there's nothing left;
face it girl,
you're scared of death.

-kismet. 8th march 2005

a/n: rhyme and death are both painful; so I contemplate them rarely.