The friction of limbs encrusted in blood
Twitching and beating like the war has been won
Blood, sweat and tension
And your moans feel like glass

Cemented make up
Smudged like ink
Don't touch her
She is volatile

Somehow all the anticipation
And the relaxation
Of the eagerness in your eyes
Makes me think that this is worth it

Entangled in something we don't want to control
We die in eachother's arms, embraces like prison bars
Something else is required to complete the picture
Irregular line lengths do not do you justice
Your delicious poison
And your fragile tenacity

There is a perceptible scent
Of strong coffee
Of incense
Of cigarettes
Of you and I

Ruptured ecstasy
Such beauty in the spasms
You control me
And you want me again