Happy Birthday

Everyday you make me smile.
Lovely words passed with ease.
I never hear an unkind word.
Zenith shall your wonder years be, oh how I envy thee.
Aver more we'll all be friends.
Better be to the bitter end.
Equals as we always stand.
The friendship made on golden sand.
Hearts and flowers among us all, standing tall.

E.B my friend, to the bitter end.
You leave in mid-July, oh how we shall cry.
But keep in touch, oh how you must.
Oh friends forever, you, me, Bron, Sarah and,
All the friends we've made together.
So here's our birthday wish for you.
And know in our hearts we hold you true.

A/N… Plz R&R, means a lot. This poem is dedicated to my friend Elizabeth, also known as E.B, i asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she asked me to write her a poem, so...i hope you like.