Worst Nightmare

Chapter 2

My heart started to race as my head pivoted to the door. David stood in a protective stance as we looked upon the figure of my alcoholic brother. For once, he wasn't drunk or drinking. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and stared at me in his usual expressionless face. David tightened his fists patiently and sat back in his chair, trying to calm down.

"Alex, why are you here?" I inquired with a look of shock plastered on my face. My heart had settled back to its regular pace.

"He's paying for your medical bills," the doctor replied as he entered the room. David choked on the water he was drinking, and I shot up in my bed.

"No way, Miss. Lay back down," Dr. Jaskins ordered as he lightly pushed me back onto my pillow. Alex sighed and chugged down his Pepsi.

"A-are you s-serious?" I was stammering from my stunned state.

"Yes Nicky," he said to me. That was the first time in years that he called me by my nickname.

"Why?" David rejoined the conversation when he had recovered from choking.

"I'm trying to be a better person," my big brother told him as he walked closer to my bed. "You need me to be there for you, Nicole." I smiled warmly, and he hugged me tight to him. All of our problems and fights from 20 years just suddenly drained away as we sat there crying into each other happily. Dr, Jaskins and David left the room as my brother sat down to talk to me. Just as he did, a gunshot rang out in the hallway, and we heard pained and terrified screaming. Then, there was loud banging on my door. I cried out, fearful of what was happening. My brother clamped his hand over my mouth and we sat there, waiting and shivering with confusion of what was outside of the door.