by: trista groulx

You said I was to make me better
How the hell do you think losing you will help?
How the fuck could you possibly think that?
You took away what I needed the most!
Not you, Stupid! Security!
I need to know what's real
Are you that stupid?
I know you're smarter then that!
I understand you need time!
But I need stability
Someone I trust to talk to!
Someone who understands to listen!
You said it was better for me!
But you won't see me suffer!
You're not here to make it better
How dare you say it's better for me!
How the fuck would you know anyway?
You said you didn't know me!
But you didn't want to let me show you
You're not seeing my pain!
You're not seeing my anguish!
When a happy couple comes into view
I think of you, forgetting you are gone!
I don't have you!
I don't have my strength, my locket
I don't have my anything!
What I had I lost, and I don't know how to deal!
Cause you said you'd never leave!
You said you'd never fucking leave me!
But I can't seem to find you
That's right, you're fucking gone!
You're gone where I can't go!
When you promised you'd never go!
I knew when we started I'd fall apart
I'd fall apart if I fell in love
How stupid can I fucking be?!
I should hate you so much!
But I can't stop caring for you!
I know it's over I know that now!
But I can't stop hoping for you back!
I need something stable back!
I'm sorry I keep saying it!
I am broken, and I need to heal!
But I want you to be the one to mend it!
You broke me! And no one else can fix me!
I'm not sure I can let you fix me
I just would like someone to be my rock!
For once, have someone help me!
But you said I would be better!
It would be better this way!
But you won't show me how!
You just make it even "better"!
Fuck you!
Why am I offering a second chance?
Cause if this is your idea of better!
I think I'll die if I see worse!