To sleep, perchance to dream

Darkness, it's a common fear.

Don't worry, there's lots of it here!

Stone, so cold and gray.

Shall we run out? Nay, I say, nay.

Silver reflections come from the walls,

Giving a light to the inner great halls.

The size of the people? Who can tell?

Just look over there, by the old well.

But stop! What's that sound?

It shakes the ground!

Boom! Boom! You've come to your doom!

Boom! Boom! We'll catch you soon!

A light in the distance,

Like fires for instance.

And then you hear it: the clangs and clatter.

You think of the source, but that does not matter.

The whoops, the yelps, the howling too.

You think with a jump, "This cannot be true!"

They climb and they crawl, with a wedge as their form,

While the drums beat their rhythms, like thunder in storm.

They move swiftly forward, a giant black mass.

Stay 'round for tea? No thank you, I'll pass.

They're almost upon you, and you think it's the end,

When a light suddenly flows from around the next bend.

The advance suddenly pauses-- just for a heartbeat--

Then they all turn around and go into retreat.

Flames start to shoot up, like the fires of hell,

To herald an evil from mines deeply delved.

Which way to run? You better choose quick!

As your palms start to sweat and make your grip slick.

A beast comes before you with a beady dark stare.

Then you sit up in bed with sweaty soaked hair.

You sit for minute, as your heart beats with speed,

And think about narrowing the selection you read.

Laying back your head, you drift into sleep,

And find yourself looking at a giant stone keep…