Red and Blue Lights

By SocratesAngel

"This can't be real." I can almost hear him whisper.

His eyes are cold with terror. My heart has stopped with guilt.

The soft hands I know so well fall to his sides and his breath quickens and I try to stop the tears from pouring like waterfalls down my pale cheeks.

Everything seems to stand still as our lives come to an abrupt pause.

No more otherwise lonely Friday nights spent getting acquainted with each other's fragile bodies on some back road,

no more sweet kisses to wake me in the morning…

Just flashing red and blue lights.

Has it changed for better or worse?

Neither of us know, of course.

For all of our family and friends for the better, I suppose.

For us it means that our lives are falling completely apart.

Normality was different for us. Our lives will now be saner after their insane pasts.

Because we will no longer be sneaking around for a simple kiss goodbye, or have our midnight passion in the backseat…

Just flashing red and blue lights

that keep us both awake to ponder our mistakes.

Was it right or wrong? We both question ourselves, our judgment, our simple lives.

"Morality is for the weak at heart." You once said.

Do you still think that's true? Do you think they'll agree, love?

You know I will feel the same.

It's all just going to be flashing red and blue lights for the both of us.