Travelling at Night – Flying


Shining up out of the immense blackness like millions of sparkling pieces of glitter; all a variety of different colours; pearly whites, electric blues, shimmering greens. But most popular of all, the warm orange-gold glow of the streetlamps. Nothing more than specks from so high up, yet all twining together in a complex network of shapes. So like giant radiating spider's webs scattered across the country. Joined together by single, barely visible threads - the roads.

It is hard to believe, that the blinding fluorescent lights that causes our atmosphere such damage, can be so utterly breathtaking from 30,000ft.

This shining, intricate web is the first sight outer beings will receive of Earth, and I'm glad, for it really is a beautiful thing.

What better first thought to have of a foreign planet, other than sheer beauty?

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