What I did instead of homework…

Little wood cabin

Hot tin roof

Don't touch

It'll burn

It'll splinter!

While the hard work is appreciated

The pain cannot be endured

By happy, bouncing toddlers

Who cry when they fall down?

Though they don't have very far to go…


Capture your soul

In my antique jar

Sell it on e-bay…

Who will the highest bidder be?

Gouge out your eyes

So that you can't see

And I'll walk around going

"Look at me!"

Soulless and eyeless would you be

And maybe I'd cry,

But you can't, you see?


Colors overwhelm me

Red, blue, yellow, green

Constantly rearranging

Forming pictures that appeal to me

Triangles and squares

Form stars and patterns

All through a complex series

Of things you aren't allowed to see


What to say

What to write…

I fear that I cannot win this fight

My brain will not see

The way I want things to be…

Sure it's burning,

Nearly burnt,

With keepsakes and memories still locked inside

It consumed everything so quickly

Could barely get out of the room

Through the door, no the window…

Neither is there anymore

Surely there'll be others

Other homes, other photos

But something deep inside me says

That I'd rather have my parents

And give up all the rest.


One last whore

Out the door

Window shade

Diamond or spade?

Shut them all

stupid cat call

Lock it tight

And bad dreams just might

Come in the one ear

Make you hear…

Then go out the other side

Good thing there's no brain to hide inside


Isn't it funny?

How one day you're rich with money

Then go and have a shopping spree

Where absolutely nothing is buy one get one free?

And out it goes,

All the money… do you suppose,

That it could come back?

Maybe in a stock market blitz attack…

Then WHAM! It's there

And without a care,

You go off and repeat

That same thing that lead to feelings of defeat?