Cheery Accident

Random acquaintances

Too well acquainted

Opposite sides of a table

I talk to one of your friends

But she's not listening

Perhaps I'm speaking

And the roles are reversed

Keeping quiet

I promised that I wouldn't cry

Above tears

Hiding in the stall

Counting backwards

I've never told a lie before

I've always been good

I hardly know you

Labels, our only connection

A three second beginning

Reception returns

Halfway through the middle

Pause for a moment

And you know it's over

People turn around

Ask if I'm that chick

Throw their arms around me

And accuse me of cheating

On someone who talked about me

But never to me

The shame was too much

Reading the last post

How your life is over

How you'll miss my loving embrace


We never had that kind of love

Or any kind in neutral eyes

But I pay for it every day

Angry phone calls

I've become the problem

A nonexistent love pulls me down

Looking out the window

An ironic smile crosses my lips

Who knew the cheery accident

Would be my last chance

I kept my promise

I keep my mouth shut

You don't exist to me

You lost me

But I lost my world

For three weeks of silence

Cost me honest love