Putting Back the 'Free' in Freelon

Sen Jenk was standing in the boudoir, next to Jishad, the usurper of the Freelon republic. It was richly decorated, creating a sense of security and wealth. Both concepts were completely unknown to the people.

The president was enjoying a scotch with a foreign politician. They looked alike: fat, red and bald. But above all, they had a certain air of greed and fierceness that made them almost twins.

The room was guarded by four soldiers in their parade uniforms; they were mostly there to decorate. Placing humans at the same social rank as paintings or ancient vases was a rare thing in Freelon. They were usually far lower in the hierarchy. This didn't seem to bother anyone but Jenk. He was one of those who remembered what it was like before. But he couldn't express that though for penalty of death…or worse.

Instead, he worked in the army, like most young men, and added to the décor of the president's intimate reception room.

The room was located in the very center of the manor; therefore there were no guards outside the heavy oak doors. That's why they were no alarms when they doors opened swiftly, waking the other guards of the room from their comatose state.

The light of the corridor made the intruder look like a messenger from hell as he lifted his pistol and fired. He must have been aiming at Jishad, the "beloved" president, but instead he fired four shots at the other pig. He fired two shots to the chest, one to the eyes and the final one in the head, painting the walls with the victim's brains.

It was the way of the Trogl, the anti-governmental underground terrorist group. Some said there were hidden meanings in the shooting pattern, but Jenk didn't have time to think about that. He armed his riffle and killed the revolutionary with one clean shot at the chest.

Silence took hold of the now freshly painted room. The other soldiers gaped at him and the president embraced him. He was now his son. He had made a spectacular jump in the social pyramid in approximately twelve seconds.

He had finally entered the 'intimate' circle, but at what a price. Everyone left the room, but Jenk couldn't help to steal a look at the dead twelve-year-old that used to live next to him.

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Short Introduction, but the other chapters WILL be longer. Reviews are greatly appreciated !!!

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