It took me a while
To feel your beauty
Laying inside me
Deep down

As I only felt
Hatred for you
Something new
About to drown

So little, yet so big
Trying to survive
Fighting to stay alive
In your tiny world

Where I was the one
That had to feed
When you were in need
My little girl

Instead I let you fall
And turned my back
Your world went black
I didn't know

I didn't want to see
The joy you could bring
Flying on my wings
In the cold snow

Then I realized
It wasn't fair
You had to bear
The hate I felt for him

I started to love you
Gave it a chance
Your sweet innocence
Forgot about my sin

I embraced you
With open arms
No more harm
Away with the lies

I finally felt your beauty
I started to imagine
Your soft skin
Your sparkling eyes

But then came the pain
Of your silent voice
I didn't have a choice
But to let you go

I could hear your screams
Tearing me up inside
But I couldn't hide
The blood that said no

So now you're gone
Forever more
Closed this door
Makes no sense

I'll never feel again
Your loving heart
Your shining beauty
Or your sweet innocence